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Protection of personal data

Security & Privacy

The present website for the IONIAN PLAZA HOTEL (“the Web Site”) is maintained from and on behalf of the company “TOURIST COMPANY SA- IONIAN PLAZA, ΜΗ.Τ.Ε. 0430Κ013Α0075300” (“the Company”), and is hosted by the individual enterprise “adklik”. With the access and use of the present Web Site, you agree and accept the below terms and agreements:

  • Access to the Website and the receipt of the goods and services that appear presuppose the notification from the users to the Company of details that according to the Company are essential for the successful and safe benefit and reception requested goods or services.
  • Users are should notify the Company the true details that are required according to the Company for the receipt of goods and services eg name, email address, telephone. By stating the requested details each user provides his consent for the collection, use and treatment of his personal data which he willingly states in order to receive the requested goods and services.
  • The Company collects and it exclusively observes the personal data that each user states with importing the requested information in the corresponding fields and/or his answers in the frame of specific campaigns which the Company implements and users can willingly participate such as the Newsletter.
  • The aim of collecting, using and treating personal data which each user declares in is for providing the goods and services that are requested via the website. This collection of data is important for providing these goods and services.
  • The company holds the right to use personal data eg emails that has been given by any user for sending informative messages with regard to the products and his services as well as relative offers and/or statements, provided that the particular user has consented accordingly.
  • In case any user does not wish his personal data is used any more for sending such informative messages he may send an email to [email protected] from the email address which he has declared in reporting “I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE INFORMATIVE MATERIAL”.
  • The collection, observation, treatment and dispatch of personal data that users declare to the Company via are collected and treated according to the effective provisions for protection of data of personal character and, according to the provisions of Greek Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006, as they are in effect.
  • The company allows the access of the personal data of users only to designated employees which are required to have access so that the completion of collection, use and treatment is possible, in accord with the present terms. For this reason the Company holds the right to provide permitted access and/or right of use and treatment of your personal data to third parties, which have been assigned for the treatment of personal data.
  • The protection of personal data of the users from third parties is determined according to the corresponding terms that the third parties declare and the Company has no responsibility.
  • The company holds the right use the data that is provided in a way that the identification of the person that these concern is not possible, in the context of statistics, advertising, or research, transferring the data to third parties eg research and development companies in the context of statistics, advertising, or research.
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