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Environmental Policy and Actions

Environmental Policy and Actions – Ionian Plaza Hotel

The management and staff of the Ionian Plaza Hotel, recognizing the importance of environmental protection, both in general and specifically for the development of tourism, implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) that covers all aspects of hotel operations, including guest accommodations and dining services.

Following a path of sustainable development, the hotel strives for the responsible and rational use of natural resources, while minimizing the negative environmental impacts of its operations.

All hotel employees contribute to environmental protection through their commitment to the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System. For this reason, the hotel also encourages its guests to support efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

As part of the continuous improvement of the system, the Management sets environmental goals. These goals are reviewed annually for their level of achievement. New goals are approved or existing ones are modified based on the hotel’s performance and new conditions in its area of operation.

Through this Environmental Policy, the Ionian Plaza Hotel is committed to:

  • Systematic monitoring of the effectiveness and suitability of the Environmental Management System
  • Systematic monitoring and compliance with environmental compliance obligations related to the environmental aspects of the hotel
  • Systematic identification, evaluation, and control of environmental impacts arising from all hotel activities, including those of external providers, guests, and other stakeholders
  • Protection of the natural environment from harmful changes and degradation caused by the operations and services of the hotel
  • Environmental protection, including pollution prevention, sustainable resource use, impact reduction and adaptation to climate change, protection of wildlife, biodiversity, and ecosystems in general
  • Minimization and rational management of waste generation and an increase in recyclable materials compared to those disposed of
  • Securing the necessary resources for the effective operation of the Environmental Management System and its continuous improvement to enhance the hotel’s environmental performance
  • Continuous education and training of staff and encouraging their active participation, both individually and collectively, in their area of operation, in order to achieve environmental goals, prevent environmental pollution, conserve natural resources, and ensure the improvement of the Environmental Management System
  • Promoting open dialogue and informing stakeholders in a spirit of sincere and mutual respect
  • Evidence-based investigation into the causes of problems and weaknesses to determine and implement the necessary corrective actions to prevent their recurrence.

The environmental strategy and initiatives of the Ionian Plaza Hotel are solidified by the following actions implemented over the past four years:

  1. All guest rooms have a special switch slot for a magnetic card that turns off the electricity when guests leave the room.
  2. Automatic mechanisms have been installed on all balcony doors and windows of the rooms to allow air conditioning and heating to function only when they are closed, saving energy and ensuring proper operation.
  3. All hotel rooms are equipped with the latest low-energy consumption plasma LED TVs.
  4. Thermostats are installed in all guest rooms and public areas of the hotel for autonomous control of air conditioning and heating throughout the season.
  5. The Housekeeping department uses certified ecological detergents.
  6. Only certified biodegradable toilet paper is used in all guest room bathrooms and public toilets.
  7. The hotel does not use any detergents or other toxic cleaning products.
  8. All pool lighting has been replaced and converted to energy-saving LED lighting.
  9. All hotel lighting has been replaced and converted to energy-saving LED lighting.
  10. The hotel has a contracted partnership with a certified partner for regular microbiological testing of drinking water and pool water.
  11. A complete reverse osmosis water system has been installed and operated for the water used by the hotel’s food service departments.
  12. Capacitors have been installed to improve the voltage of the electrical energy.
  13. Regular maintenance of all the unit’s heat pumps is performed by certified and specialized teams for their smooth operation in terms of efficiency and energy saving.
  14. Regular inspections are conducted for maintenance and leaks.
  15. A modern and certified biological treatment plant (tertiary wastewater treatment) has been installed and operated.
  16. Glass and paper are recycled daily, prepared, and transported in the proper way to designated storage areas.
  17. Specific Mediterranean plants with low watering requirements have been chosen for the gardens.
  18. Used cooking oil is collected and disposed of properly and according to regulations.
  19. Staff are continuously informed and encouraged to save water.
  20. Staff are sensitized, informed, and trained monthly about environmental actions and their importance.
  21. Recycling bins are available in the reception area for various materials such as batteries, ink cartridges, etc., for both hotel staff and guests to use.
  22. Guests are informed about the hotel’s environmental awareness.

The Hotel Director is responsible for overseeing all the aforementioned environmental data.

Date: April 1, 2016

For the company,
Dimostenis Stamatatos
Hotel Director

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